Time is a luxury. It’s the one thing people never seem to have enough of, which is no surprise when you consider how many distractions we deal with every day. This sentiment holds especially true in today’s uncertain world; with many organizations now shifting to a largely remote workforce, it becomes difficult to separate work and home.

However, when employees are working with the right technology, it becomes easier to be more productive and effective throughout the workday. Productive employees are often happy ones, and by equipping your workforce with the right technology to maximize remote output levels, you can help them achieve a better balance between work-life and home.

With Lenovo’s portfolio of powerful notebooks, bundled with the right technology and accessories, achieving maximum productivity from anywhere is easy.  

Powerful & portable devices to increase employee output

The right set of device features and capabilities can often help your employees attain increased levels of focus and efficiency. With Lenovo notebooks, powered by Core i 10th generation processors, you can achieve just that; built with employees’ job roles and requirements in mind. By integrating smarter technological capabilities and features, Lenovo’s next-gen tools drive greater efficiencies from any modern workspace. 

Portable, powerful and highly customizable, Lenovo ThinkPad T14 & T15 notebooks are the perfect choice for employees who need to work from anywhere. In addition to the performance and security you’d expect from a Lenovo device, modern features like one-touch calling, Wake On Voice technology and Dolby Vision™ & Dolby Audio™ help make for a more effective and enjoyable work experience.

A device that is modernizing the way multitasking is approached, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is a pioneering notebook that helps your employees focus on the task at hand, even when the lid is closed. With its  unique dual-screen design, these stylish notebooks are ideal for those who need to maximize their workdays, no matter where they may be. Whether it is reviewing PDFs, taking notes or anything in between, this notebook can tackle a variety of tasks without opening the lid. 

Smart devices & accessories to ensure seamless collaboration

Though Lenovo devices are powerful on their own, the right accessories can make all the difference when it comes to boosting productivity. Whether employees are working remotely, in the office or on the go, Lenovo has the right accessories to help them focus on work and avoid distractions. 

Whether in a safe office environment, working from home or in a coffee shop, ThinkPad X1 ANC Headphones can help shut out distractions and collaborate from anywhere with ease.  Pairing these headphones  with a personal productivity assistant like the ThinkSmart View, as well as a portable second screen with the ThinkVision M14 can help you obtain extra visibility, on-the-go productivity and increased collaboration.

To learn more about working from anywhere with Lenovo, visit CDW.ca/Lenovo


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