The modern workplace is focused on flexibility, collaboration and not only working from home, but working from anywhere. However, many employees are working from PCs – and some of these devices aren’t ideal for multitasking. A PC on its own often doesn’t allow workers to be fully productive and fully collaborative. That’s where Lenovo comes in.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View is your new personal productivity assistant. This smart office device can free up the PC from administrative tasks to help employees maximize productivity – and collaboration. From executive suites to remote offices to common areas, ThinkSmart View can transform how employees communicate and collaborate by providing a device that works well together with their PCs.

Keep your virtual meetings on track

We’ve all been there. Someone says something important on a virtual conference call, and you want to make note of it, so you switch over to Microsoft Word…and now you can no longer see the conference. This is hardly an ideal experience.

With ThinkSmart View, you can stay productive in voice or video calls without impacting the work on your PC. The collaborative smart device combines Microsoft Teams collaboration software with technology that’s more than capable of hosting your virtual meetings. Enjoy clear audio in private settings with powerful built-in mics and speakers, or connect some noise-cancelling headphones for an optimal audio experience.

Take hands-free calls without using up memory

When working from home or working remotely, many collaborative apps allow you to take and receive calls from your computer. However, call quality could potentially suffer if you have several other applications running. That’s where having a separate, hands-free device could come in handy.

The ThinkSmart View’s user-friendly design can work in a variety of office spaces — including your home. With a licence for Microsoft Teams Rooms, it is designed to bring the conference room to you, as well as for hotdesking and common areas.

Protect your data with built-in security features

While it makes your conference calls clearer, Think SmartView can also protect you from being seen or heard when you don’t want to. Its security features include:

  • Built-in camera shutter and mic mute button
  • Four-digit personal identification number (PIN) to unlock the device
  • Locks in tandem with your PC, if paired with Bluetooth

There are many ways to unleash the full potential of your workforce with ThinkSmart View. To learn more, visit


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