4 Collaboration Devices to Help Keep Remote Workers Engaged


So far, changing the calendar year to 2021 did not result in a magical change in workplace conditions; many employees across Canada are still working from home, for almost a full year now. And even as vaccines start to roll out across the country, it’s likely that several organizations will continue to embrace remote work for the foreseeable future.

With that said, if your employees are still using built-in webcams and speakers on their laptops, it may be time to consider upgrading to professional conferencing solutions that can help boost collaboration and increase participation in your ongoing virtual meetings. Here are four devices from our partners that can help create more meaningful connections while working remotely.

Cisco Webex Desk Pro – an advanced, AI-powered collaboration device for your desk

The Cisco Webex Desk Pro is an all-in-one premium collaboration and productivity device featuring a 27-inch 4K display, 71-degree HD camera, superior sound system and advanced noise-cancelling microphone array. For organizations that use Webex Meetings, it seamlessly integrates with the software – but can also be used with any videoconferencing solution by connecting it to your laptop.

Here are a few more key features of Webex Desk Pro:

Digital whiteboarding: Co-create at your desk with a dedicated stylus where content is automatically saved in Webex Teams.

Cognitive collaboration: Bringing the power of AI to collaboration with advanced features like Webex Assistant and facial recognition.

Productivity champion: With a USB-C connection, the Webex Desk Pro becomes your docking station and primary monitor with touch-redirect capabilities.

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Look and sound your best on video calls with the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar

The Poly Studio P15 personal video bar gives you everything you need to look and sound your best on video calls, in one sleek device. Exceptional optics and a high performance 4K image sensor bring out your inner star, and automatic camera framing ensures you’re always seen – without having to stay glued to your chair.

A powerful speaker and microphone array deliver rich, clear audio, while NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology keep out distracting sounds. For IT, Poly Lens cloud management provides robust tools to manage and track devices from anywhere.

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Work from anywhere with Jabra Evolve2 headsets

When working from home, staying connected with your team is important. Having the right headset for concentration and collaboration can help you stay more productive throughout the day.

Jabra Evolve headsets are professional-grade wireless headsets that plug-and-play, straight out of the box. They also work with all leading communication platforms, enabling easy collaboration with your wider team, no matter where they are. Features include outstanding battery life and the ability to connect to both your computer and mobile device at the same time.

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Logitech Rally Bar – a videoconferencing solution for hybrid work environments

When your team starts to return to the office, they likely won’t all return at once. You may have some employees working from the office part-time, while others continue to work remotely. While you’ll still have team meetings, chances are they won’t be in a large boardroom like they were before. But your team still needs to stay connected.

Rally Bar is Logitech’s premier, all-in-one video bar for midsize meeting rooms, with cinema-quality video and audio, AI-driven performance and beautiful design. Rally Bar creates a natural, frictionless meeting experience with motorized PTZ and lossless image quality up to 5X optical zoom. AI Viewfinder persistently views the room, ensuring all meeting participants are captured and framed to perfection.

Powerful low-distortion speakers and adaptive beamforming mics, optimized by RightSound™, deliver outstanding conversational accuracy. Out of the box, Rally Bar provides an expansive 15’ mic pickup range with the option to extend coverage for larger groups and settings.

Simple, versatile and meticulously designed for scale, Rally Bar offers clutter-free cable management and multiple mounting options. Plug and play Rally Bar with virtually any PC or Mac; you can even run supported videoconferencing applications on the device without a computer.

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