3 Key Technologies that Help Your Team Work Remotely


Working remotely used to be seen as an employee perk, but it’s becoming a more common practice. There is good reason for this; the ability to work from home (or anywhere) means a team can stay productive when it’s not possible or not advisable to travel.

The circumstances that can affect commuting are outside your control, such as snow storms that make trips more dangerous, or construction that slows traffic. The biggest one right now is obviously COVID-19. This special circumstance isn’t the only reason to think about your team’s ability to work remotely, but it does highlight the importance of preparedness. We don’t control whether employees can make it to the office, but we can control whether they can do their jobs regardless of their location.

Here’s what to consider when choosing technology that enables remote work.

Laptops should be light with connectivity options

The lighter a laptop is, the easier it will be for a worker to carry it everywhere. The HP Elite Dragonfly, for example, weighs just 990 grams. Consider laptops with Wi-Fi 6, the latest standard, and optional 4G LTE connectivity. Being able to toggle on an LTE connection means it’s not necessary to rely on local Wi-Fi to get work done, and makes it possible to work anywhere.

Provide an easy and secure way to collaborate

It’s important for workers to be able to meet as easily as if they’re in the same room. Videoconferencing solutions such as Cisco Webex Meetings can help achieve that. These solutions run through a browser, mobile or video device, so everyone on the team can join a call regardless of what device they have in reach at the moment. Multi-layer security ensures discussions are protected. When circumstances require many team members to work remotely, secure cloud-based videoconferencing can help them work together effectively so business can continue.

Move your workflow to the cloud

Providing your team with access to the apps they need to do their work is imperative. As an example, Microsoft Office 365 makes Microsoft’s trusted suite of apps available on all devices, including Excel, Word, OneNote PowerPoint and Outlook. Robust mobile and browser versions allow your team to collaborate on important documents on any device. Additionally, Microsoft Teams incorporates chat into the suite for seamless collaboration.

Get ready to go remote

Working remotely requires a variety of technology solutions that work together, so your team can focus on the task at hand. Putting everything in place can seem daunting, but CDW can help.

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