3 Benefits of Intel’s Remote Management Solution


Due to the sharp increase in employees working from home, remote management solutions should be considered essential for IT departments in this current time. Across industries, IT professionals are responsible for managing and securing an increasingly large and diverse array of devices, ranging from traditional business computers to Internet of Things (IoT) systems, such as headless devices and retail point-of-sale terminals.

Especially now, more employees are working from places other than the office. They expect to remain productive on their remote devices when away from their desks. And devices operating outside the corporate firewall are becoming more vulnerable to security risks. This is the challenging new reality, and IT must adapt to meet the demands of today’s evolving workforce.

You need a remote management solution that works

IT organizations need a remote management solution that strikes the right balance between controlling costs, supporting remote devices and delivering an intuitive user experience. The latest evolution of the Intel vPro platform does just that, delivering value at both the IT- and end-user level.

Intel Active Management Technology provides manageability of Intel vPro platform-based devices and is modernized for the cloud via Intel Endpoint Management Assistant. Intel Endpoint Management Assistant supports mobile employees working inside and outside the firewall, helping to make remote management easier than ever. It’s a modern solution that helps organizations protect devices, simplify management and take control of their technology.

Enhance remote management capabilities

Intel Active Management Technology allows organizations to remotely access and control unattended devices, regardless of their state or location, helping drastically improve incident management. Any Intel vPro platform-based client system with a power source on a known network can be connected, and the integrated KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) remote control makes viewing and solving issues simple.

Intel Active Management Technology can also operate outside the corporate firewall with the help of Intel Endpoint Management Assistant. By using Intel Endpoint Management Assistant, IT can maximize the manageability benefits of the Intel vPro platform. They’re able to initiate and monitor the progress of a system rebuild, collect hardware asset data or initiate a power-on for the patching of a system.

Secure your fleet from anywhere

Intel Active Management Technology offers more ways to protect networked computing assets and improve corporate compliance. Service organizations can use Intel Active Management Technology to wake devices at predefined times to help ensure client systems receive critical software updates and upgrades.

They can also configure existing toolsets to power on systems securely and remotely. In doing so, companies reduce the risk of noncompliant systems living on the corporate network and increase the security posture of client systems, significantly lowering the likelihood of breaches.

Intel Endpoint Management Assistant delivers additional benefits: a secure cloud connection from back-end server to end clients enables seamless, efficient updates and monitoring with minimal disruption to end-user workflow.

Simplify device lifecycle management

IT professionals can better streamline device lifecycle management of all devices, regardless of location, with Intel Active Management Technology and Intel Endpoint Management Assistant. Using Intel Active Management Technology to define policies that force an automatic “check-in” — even when device operating systems are unresponsive, devices are powered off or devices are outside of the enterprise — IT can increase their reach to remote systems.

Real-time data on service assets can be used to identify changes in configuration and improve resolution time against service-level agreements (SLAs), while also addressing key performance indicators (KPIs). Service organizations can see a significant reduction in the average work effort, the frequency of verifying physical assets and the number of incidents caused by inaccurate configuration management information.

Make the move to modern remote management

The Intel vPro platform modernizes IT operations with enhancements across security, stability, performance and manageability. With Intel Active Management Technology, IT Ops can remotely use, deploy, manage and help protect corporate devices, inside and outside the firewall. Save time and support today’s mobile workforce with persistent out-of-band maintenance, included as part of the Intel vPro platform, which spans Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors and Intel® Xeon® processors.

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