Taking Virtualization To The Next Level

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The mobile-cloud era has cast a new reality upon IT services. Today users are operating from more endpoints and moving more data, and businesses expect increasingly more capabilities from IT—often more than a resource-strapped IT organization can rightly deliver.

Bridging this “expectations gap” calls for a different approach to managing IT. We believe the VMware Software-Defined Data Centre provides you with that approach.

Perhaps you’ve already embraced a virtualization platform such as vSphere to consolidate your servers and pack more computing power into less space. But the Software-Defined Data Centre takes you beyond the benefits of vSphere; with the Software-Defined Data Centre you can also virtualize networking and storage while you apply intelligent management to your entire infrastructure.

What is the Software-Defined Data Centre? It’s a highly automated, easily managed platform that embraces all applications, providing fast deployment across data centres, clouds, and mobile devices. And to help you establish a Software-Defined Data Centre, VMware has introduced VMware® vSphere with Operations Management.

VMware vSphere with Operations Management combines the most trusted server virtualization platform with the capabilities for intelligent management. With this tool you can confront virtualization’s challenges, including:

  • VM sprawl. With virtual machines easier to create, they are more difficult to manage.
  • Over provisioning. Underutilization of VMs is common.
  • Poor visibility and monitoring. With early virtualization technology, data center monitoring is reactive.
  • Complex troubleshooting. Most performance problems are slow to resolve.

Simplified management is essential to keeping pace with business expectations. vSphere with Operations Management provides an intuitive dashboard to help you assess the health of your virtualized environment, monitor risks to IT performance, and identify opportunities for greater efficiency. You’ll possess the power to address performance resolution, capacity management, and future planning for your data center, and you’ll have the solution for the “expectations gap.”