How to Manage Wireless Mobile Devices and Wireless Networks


Many business people today utilize smartphones and notebook computers, and they want wireless access to network resources wherever they are — in the office, at home or on the road. Service providers offer services for wireless mobile devices and wireless networks.

Here’s a closer look at both.

Wireless Mobile Devices

With telecommunications becoming one of the top budget allocations for organizations, many businesses are struggling with how to manage the billing, rate plans and activation processes — not to mention the enormous task of asset tracking devices and plans. And to complicate it further, many companies support multiple carriers and thus manage multiple carrier bills. A service provider can manage the entire process for you.

Service provider mobility specialists can figure out which carrier offers the best service in your area nationwide and negotiate the best possible prices and contracts for you. They can also activate the phones and deploy them to your users. Such services can be provided via a recurring monthly order or a large-scale refresh.

A mobility practice can also handle the activation, configuration and deployment of notebook computers with embedded or slot data cards.

Service companies can offer installation services for smartphone server software on your premises, allowing your users to access their e-mail, calendar, contacts and other applications. Service providers can also provide help desk support for mobile users, perform asset management and even help you write security policies to better manage the mobile devices.

Wireless Networks

IT service organizations also help businesses install wireless networks in their offices using enterprise-class Wi-Fi equipment. Networking specialists can perform site surveys to determine how many access points are needed and where to locate them to minimize interference from materials (such as metal or steel) and ensure that the building has full wireless coverage. They can implement your network and secure it using the latest encryption and authentication technology.

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