Microsoft Pricelist Change: Effective December 1st, 2018


October 30, 2018. Microsoft  announced a Canadian dollar pricelist change for commercial online services, such as Office365, Exchange Online, Project Online, Azure etc.  effective December 1, 2018.

Microsoft periodically assesses the impact of its local pricing for software products and online services to ensure there is reasonable alignment across regions and this change is an outcome of this assessment. Starting December 1, 2018 Canadian dollar prices for online services will increase by 5% to realign close to global US dollar levels.

For business customers, these changes will not affect existing orders under volume licensing agreements for products that are subject to price protection, such as a EA, SCE, EES or OV However, prices for new product additions under such volume licensing agreements and purchases under new contracts will be as defined by the pricelist at the time of order. Customers across Canada buying online services in Canadian dollar will continue to find Microsoft cloud offerings highly competitive.

These changes will not apply to commercial on-premises software, consumer software, or consumer cloud services.

Next Steps

Contact your CDW Account Manager or Microsoft Specialist to find if these prices changes will affect you.

Thank you for your understanding,
CDW Canada & Microsoft