BTEX 2018: How Lenovo is Meeting the Needs of the Digital Workplace


Today’s workplaces are evolving. Employees are no longer tied to their cubicles from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. They expect to be able to work effectively from any location and they want technologies that allow them to be fast, flexible and efficient.

Lenovo understands this new workplace dynamic, which is why it has evolved from being primarily a PC and laptop company to becoming a provider of flexible workplace technologies, said Fabio Vieira, Channel Manager and Lenovo Ambassador during a presentation at BTEX 2018.

How to simplify videoconferencing

One example Vieira cited is Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub, a Skype for Business appliance. Workplace videoconference meetings can be challenging to set up, Vieira noted, wasting valuable minutes. The ThinkSmart Hub can start a meeting in mere seconds with the press of a single button. Solutions like ThinkSmart show how Lenovo is paying attention to the challenges businesses face and offering solutions that fix real problems, he said. “We make sure we do things that fix problems,” he explained. “We don’t just innovate for the purpose of innovating.”

Lenovo has also shifted from being a brand-centric organization to becoming more client-centric, Vieira said. With workers becoming more mobile, Lenovo had planned to move away from mechanical docks for its notebooks. But customers made it clear that they wanted the docks to stay, so Lenovo changed its plans.

Why security is still a priority

Despite the changes in the workplace, Lenovo remains committed to producing quality hardware for business. Security is important to the company, Vieira noted. Lenovo has a trusted supplier chain for its ThinkPad line that requires any firm that provides parts for the ThinkPad to go through a vigorous vetting procedure. Lenovo also owns and operates approximately 60 percent of the plants that produce its ThinkPads. “If you own a ThinkPad, it was handled only by a Lenovo-badged employee, regardless of where it was produced,” Vieira said. “We make sure everything is scrutinized from a security standpoint, because we know that’s important to our customers.”

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