The workplace is increasingly becoming a young person’s world. Millennials, the oldest of whom are now pushing 40, and Gen Z, now entering the workforce as interns and recent grads, currently account for 40 percent of employees…and that number will be rising in the years to come. While “modern workplaces” are often known for a variety of perks – from foosball tables to beer on tap, not to mention more liberal work-from-home and BYOD policies – what millennials and Gen Z really need is to be properly equipped to do innovative work.

That’s why offering the right tech and an inspiring work environment are key to retaining and motivating younger employees.

How to deliver technology that meets millennials’ needs

Younger workers are completely connected in their personal lives, and they’ll perform at their best with the same technology they use on a daily basis. That’s why the devices we use at work need to be cutting-edge, connected and mobile.

The most innovative companies understand that for their employees to be able to focus and do meaningful work, teams and individuals need technology that fosters, not hinders, creativity. This smart, streamlined technology serves a company’s mission and helps it thrive, which can benefit everyone in the organization, not just the next generation of workers.

Creating the best working space for younger workers

Don’t believe the hype: the open-concept office isn’t always the ideal working environment. Instead, it’s best to find a balance that appeals to younger generations, with spaces that allow for deep concentration and focused work, as well as providing easy connectivity with their teams.

Despite the belief that the next generation is all about flexible schedules and remote working, the reality is that 72% of Gen Z want to connect face-to-face with colleagues at the office. The opportunity for remote work, which used to be the holy grail of a company’s workplace policies, is now just another element of a healthy approach to work.

Lenovo provides modern business devices for the next-gen workforce

As you can see, the companies that will empower the future of work offer a connected environment that supports today’s flexible working style and equip their employees with the devices and tools they need to thrive.

In a survey of 1,500 ITDMs from around the world, one-half of respondents acknowledged that the security, performance, build quality and durability of business laptops are better than consumer-grade devices. However, 45 percent said their purchase decisions were influenced by the end user.

In order to balance the best of both worlds, Lenovo introduces the ThinkBook laptops. A new line of powerful, lightweight and appealing notebooks, all with business-grade security to balance the wants of tomorrow’s workforce with the needs of today’s businesses.

Why Lenovo ThinkBook for Business?

  • Style that makes a statement
  • Features to boost productivity and collaboration
  • A user experience that connects with the new workforce
  • ThinkShield Security that helps businesses stay resilient
  • Lenovo Premier Support services that maximize uptime

Shop Lenovo ThinkBook laptops on for devices your employees will love.


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