How Aruba Wi-Fi Solutions Give Your Small Business an Edge


To remain competitive in today’s digital world, small businesses must deploy innovative solutions that create value, reduce costs, mitigate risks and build customer confidence. Many of these solutions rely on fast and reliable Wi-Fi, which can also improve experiences for employees and your customers. And when your customers and employees are happy, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

The Aruba Instant On portfolio from HPE delivers high-performance, secure Wi-Fi with models designed for indoor, outdoor, hospitality or small office/home office environments. Here’s how Instant On can help you deliver outstanding experiences for your customers.

A network that runs your retail technology

For retailers, the in-store wireless network is key technology for both staff and shoppers. Point of sale (PoS) systems, payroll, inventory control, guest access and other services on the network all help keep your business running.

The Aruba Instant On AP11 is perfect for the small boutique, real estate office or even a promising dental practice. It offers a cost-effective, easy-to-manage Wi-Fi solution to support the mobile, IoT and security demands of your business.

Keep your staff and guests happy with better in-room Wi-Fi

Whether you own a small B&B or the hottest boutique hotel in town, a slow network connection or poor Wi-Fi coverage can knock a couple stars off a customer’s review. The Aruba Instant On AP11D, AP12 and AP17 are great for hospitality, with coverage that provides a smooth in-room Wi-Fi experience. Simple software tuning also ensures that Netflix, security cameras, key readers and other systems can all run smoothly on your network.

Powering the future of work

The modern workplace includes the latest technologies, such as high-performance laptops, interactive collaboration tools and Internet of Things (IoT) devices – digital signage, wireless printers and more. You’ll need a wireless network that can handle all of them.

The Aruba Instant On AP15 fits the bill. It’s built for high-density, mobile-driven workplaces where an increasing number of endpoints, cloud apps and higher volumes of data must deliver so your employees and devices can keep working. With Aruba Instant On, you’re getting a combination of world-class performance, network security and simple setup and management software to meet your small business’ needs.

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