Configuration and How We Do It


Is your organization going through a technology refresh? Do you need assistance deploying and configuring hardware? Hardware Installation Services, a CDW custom services solution, can make the process as hassle-free as possible.

Hardware Installation Services can include:

  • Installation of new equipment
  • De-installation and moving of existing equipment
  • Configuration (if necessary) to assure compliance with your firm’s network infrastructure
  • Hardware Installation – PDF

Software Deployment Services

Is your organization preparing a software rollout? Do you need assistance deploying and configuring software on multiple systems across your company? CDW Software Deployment Services make the process as hassle-free as possible for your business.

Software Deployment Services can include the installation of new, off-the-shelf software programs including:

  • Productivity solutions
  • Utilities
  • Operating systems
  • Antivirus and security programs

By leveraging professionally-provided custom services, you can ensure your organization will get the most out of your software license and application investments (Software Deployment – PDF).

Rack Configuration Services

Our certified technicians can mount and configure your network equipment, including servers, blade servers, routers, switches, and cabling, into a rack structure before shipping.

Custom Imaging Services

Save precious staff time and resources. We can preload your custom images onto your system so that all personal settings, software, and hardware are ready for deployment when the equipment arrives at your door.

Asset Management Services

Keeping track of your IT infrastructure can be a difficult endeavor—our customized asset tagging makes it simple. We can label every piece of hardware with a unique asset number, which can be easily tracked online through your My Account portal.

Laser Etching Services

We will laser etch logos and/or other information onto your mobile devices.
Note: Not all product surfaces will work with laser etching.

Burn-In and Diagnostics Services

We can test your hardware devices and run diagnostics so that you can be confident they operate properly.

To learn more, contact your CDW Canada account manager or call 1.800.972.3922