Before you start, consider your school’s answers to the following questions:
• What paper-intensive processes do you currently have? Handling applications? Transferring records? Accounts payable?
• How often do you scan? What is the monthly volume?
• What do you like about your current workflow? What do you dislike about it?
• What will your future needs look like? Will the number of students increase?What types of documents are you scanning? Student files? Transcripts? Medical records?
• What do you currently use for scanning? Dedicated scanner? MFP?
• What are the challenges / benefits of your current device? Provide pros and cons to both.

Questions about the Solution:
• What sort of automation does the solution offer? Document Separation Indexing and Data Extraction, Image Enhancement, File and folder naming, File conversion to PDF, Searchable, PDF
• Will your documents be easily searchable?
• Is the image processing high quality?
• Does the solution support a distributed license model? (meaning, are you able to perform
one task at one location and other tasks at another location to keep the process moving?)
• Does it offer limitless scans without charging for more volume?
• Will the solution scale with the growth of your business?
• Does it integrate with your Line-Of-Business or ECM application?
• What does the user interface look like? Is it intuitive and easy to use?
• Can you set up profiles that help automate processes?
• Does the solution require extensive training to be effective?

For more guidance on choosing the right scanning solution for your organization,
please visit OR contact your CDW Account Manager.




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