Collaboration in School: How to Ensure a Smooth Transition


Stop, collaborate and listen. While those words were initially spoken by a one hit wonder from the 90s who then moved on to star in his own home renovation show, the message is still very relevant. An article in Education Week noted that the Association of Colleges and Universities conducted a survey which “found that more than 80 percent of midsize or larger employers look for collaboration skills in new hires—but fewer than 40 percent of them considered new graduates prepared to work in teams.”

While collaboration and teamwork has always been a focus in education, equipping the classroom effectively for a collaborative learning experience is not always an easy task. Billions of dollars are spent on IT in K-12 schools every year and it’s important for educators to optimize funding.

So, when it comes to collaboration in the school, where and how should you start to ensure smooth lessons and transitions?

IT Management

Ensure network and data management systems are fully equipped to enable and optimize classroom collaboration. Equip server rooms and network closets with racks, cable management panels, crash carts and KVM switches to ensure you maximize uptime in the server room. can help manage and expand networks with solutions that add reliable performance, enable wired and wireless networking and ensure proper ventilation, organization and sturdy protection.

  • MSA compliant and OEM compatible SFPs
  • A comprehensive line of networking cables
  • Racks and Backplanes
  • Crash Carts
  • KVM Switches
  • Networking Adapters

Share a Screen

Enhance the student learning experience by connecting directly into large format displays from a computer. With video splitters, display adapters and wireless connectivity, there are a number of ways to share a screen within the classroom to ensure interactive and collaborative lessons.

CDW and Startech has you covered when it comes to the tools that enable display sharing.

  • Display Adapters supporting Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB-C equipped computers as well as DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and VGA equipped monitors, projectors or SMARTboards.
  • Video Splitters to allow teachers to share content on their laptops on multiple screens or projectors
  • Wireless Display Adapters to enable smartphone, tablet or laptop sharing capabilities
  • Connectivity Boxes embedded in the classroom to enable teachers to connect multiple devices to a projector

Charging and Syncing

Collaboration in education goes beyond the students. Teachers can sync their devices to share and collaborate on lessons and activities to ensure students are receiving equal learning opportunities. Multipurpose products that enable secure syncing and fast charging can not only save space and clutter, but also ensure that devices are charged and ready for any lesson, whether it requires mobility or not.

Charge and sync with ease with the help of

  • Cables, including micro-USB and Apple certified, to charge all of your mobile devices
  • USB 3.0 Hubs equipped with charge and sync ports
  • Docking stations offering solutions for unique workstation requirements

Remember, collaboration is becoming an increasingly valuable asset in the workforce and education sector. It’s important that in a world where technology is constantly changing and evolving, we continue to equip our classrooms with connectivity solutions that help to enhance collaboration and the overall classroom experience. Whether in K-12 or higher education, these tools enable teachers and instructors to share their lessons and engage with technology seamlessly, preparing students for a future of success.

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Children Must Be Taught to Collaborate, Studies Say by Sarah D. Sparks in Education Week