While 5G technology is generating a lot of hype at CES 2019, the reality is that the infrastructure to support it has not been installed in most locations as of yet. Even if everybody wants a folding-screen, 5G-enabled smartphone, the following announcements will have more of an impact on businesses. Yes, there are a lot of new laptops, but it doesn’t stop there…

Lenovo launches Yoga A940 with rotating display: The all-in-one solution, available in March, also includes dial and pen support, and is seen as a competitor to Microsoft’s Surface Studio for creative workers.

Lenovo debuts thinner ThinkPads: The 4th Gen Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga and 7th Gen Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon will both be available in June. The X1 Carbon comes with a carbon fiber cover, while the ThinkPad X1 Yoga has an aluminum chassis.

HP brings out a brighter screen: The 1000-nit optional display on the EliteBook x360 830 G5 will make it easier to work outside by reducing washed-out colours and making it easier to read text. It also comes with an anti-glare matte.

HP expands Sure View to more products: The built-in privacy filter, which was originally available on select laptops, has been added to the HP EliteDisplay E243p monitor, EliteOne G5 all-in-one desktop and the EliteBook x360 830 G5 2-in-1. This feature makes it harder for someone to look over your shoulder and view your screen.

Dell upgrades the XP3 13 laptop: With a Quad Core 8th Gen Intel processor and a 4K Ultra HD InfinityEdge display, among other features, TechRepublic is calling it “the smallest and most powerful 13-inch laptop in its class.”

Microsoft launches Azure Digital Twins for smart city design: The platform allows designers to build “virtual representations of the physical world and contextually aware solutions specific to your industry.” Users can change traffic patterns, install sensors or update building materials and landscaping inside the simulator.

New storage solutions: From SanDisk to Toshiba, Intel to Seagate, TechRepublic offers a rundown of all the new storage solutions showcased at CES 2019.

IBM launches quantum computing for scientists and businesses: IBM Q System One could be an early template to provide quantum computing for commercial use. It might not be available on premises anytime soon, but will go live in a commercial computation centre in New York State later this year.

Intel to introduce new AI chip this year: The new chip will help with “inference, which is the process of taking an artificial intelligence algorithm and putting it to use,” according to Reuters. Intel is working with Facebook Inc. on this solution.

BlackBerry announces security solutions for IoT devices: BlackBerry Secure feature packs will provide companies that build IoT connected devices with a security certification framework. The three solutions include Root of Trust, software encryption keys and a feature pack for devices used in regulated business environments.

Tech apprenticeships coming soon? Major companies including Walmart, Toyota and IBM announced an “apprenticeship coalition” aimed at finding new talent pipelines to help resolve the IT skills gap. At IBM’s existing apprenticeship program, there is no bachelor’s degree requirement for any of the roles, and participants range from 18 to 59 years old.

Kohler debuts smart toilet: Forthe high-tech executive bathroom, the Kohler Numi 2.0 comes equipped with surround-sound speakers, ambient lighting, personalized cleansing functions and a heated seat – along with an Alexa voice assistant to keep you company. Watch the 15-second teaser here.


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