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Whether it’s public, private, or hybrid, the cloud is opening up new opportunities for organizations of any size. We’re taking a deeper look at those opportunities as we discuss how using software as an infrastructure as well as Platform as a Service models can improve the way organizations work and succeed.


Server Virtualization and CDW

What Is Server Virtualization? Server virtualization allows users to maximize physical resources in the most efficient way possible. Server virtualization functions by running multiple, independent, virtual operating systems...

How to Manage Wireless Mobile Devices and Wireless Networks

Many business people today utilize smartphones and notebook computers, and they want wireless access to network resources wherever they are — in the office, at home or...

Balancing Compliance and Security in the Age of Collaboration

Collaboration tools such as Dropbox, Box and Microsoft OneDrive for Business have been a boon for business productivity. These easy-to-use cloud services provide intuitive file sharing to help untether workers from their office...
Expectations Vs. Reality: Determining Your Cloud ROI

Expectations Vs. Reality: Determining Your Cloud ROI

Over the last three years, IT decision-makers put a wide range of assets from software to infrastructure into the cloud. One of the main drivers for cloud...

6 Benefits of Implementing Server Virtualization

Some IT managers think of server virtualization as a large enterprise technology, but that’s definitely not the case today. Virtualizing servers can help organizations of any size...

Creating a Winning Combination for Your Small Business

In order to keep up with the ever changing pace of technology, your business needs a solution that is high performing, easy manageable and flexible to scale...
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3 Steps to Optimize Wireless Networks

The availability and proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices make it easy for individuals to stay connected both in the home and at work. In today’s...
Taking Virtualization to the Next Level, virtualization, cdw, cdw canada, vmware, data, data centre, efficiency, enterprise data centre

Taking Virtualization To The Next Level

The mobile-cloud era has cast a new reality upon IT services. Today users are operating from more endpoints and moving more data, and businesses expect increasingly more...

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