While casting about for a way to supply a data centre with sufficient power you’ll accidentally discover a source of perpetual energy. This will vault mankind into a new era of shared prosperity, but more importantly, it will make the data centre project a success.

An unexpected municipal power outage will trigger an office-wide state of hibernation. To break the cycle, activate your smart lighting solution that closely mimics dawn, noon and sunset throughout the office. Your IT prowess ensures everyone’s circadian rhythms are properly attuned and awakens your colleagues from their slumber.

A new satellite office will be on an actual satellite orbiting the planet. Approach it as an opportunity to show how you can make any situation work.

A little extra zing will go a long way in advancing an upcoming hardware installation, “zing” being a sort of astrological fairy dust shed by Mars that will alight on Earth this month and make a Sagittarius’s life a little easier.

A rip in the space-time continuum will give you a glimpse into the future of IT solutions. Absorb as much as you can before the rip heals itself and then slyly introduce what you’ve learned in your work. If others start to interrogate you too closely about your startling insights, give them the credit and change the subject. It would be too hard to explain anyway.

Your lucky colours this month are light blue and green, which coincidentally are the colour of the LEDs in the server you installed last month – a fortuitous sign.

This month it’s important to share the wealth, be it a time-saving shortcut you discovered in security software, a scoop on new hardware that’s entering the market, or a box of donuts. Yes, you’d intended the donuts to be your lunch, but once the box is spotted all hope will be lost.

With autumn upon us, knock the office out of the summer doldrums with a team-building adventure. A “Junkyard Wars”-style outing, where teams will be challenged to build functioning IT systems out of material found in a landfill, will both stir the blood and raise some legitimate but manageable health concerns.

Saturn is moving sluggishly this month, which will impact earnings. Because your financial fortunes move in tandem with Saturn, you can turn the tables on the Money Planet by taking control of it. Try rigging it with rockets that you control through a VPN. By giving the planet a boost, you can alter your fortunes. It’s not cheating, it’s just using the principles of astrology to your advantage with the tools at your disposal. Astrology Plus, if you will.

With Ruler Planet Mercury in retrograde, your confidence will suffer. Ride out this celestial movement by focusing on creative tasks, such as a network installation inspired by Brutalism – naked concrete and exposed wires presented as beautiful forms to be laid bare and celebrated rather than functional elements to be concealed. The project will improve your confidence and create new opportunities.

By the 23rd of the month, all the planets will be crowded into the Western sector, and you’ll be at risk of losing your identity and voice. As you struggle to express yourself, remember that much like an AI assistant can download new voices, you too can access new personal attributes from the collective unconsciousness. There is no percentage counter to track the progress of your spiritual download, but when you hit 100%, you’ll feel it in your bones.

Replacing a speech-to-text tool with a thought-to-text upgrade will make laptops more accessible for everyone. Hold off, however, on installing the complementary text-to-thought feature, which reads text directly into someone’s mind. That’s just spooky.


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