You’ll need to dig deep to get to the heart of the matter. You’ll get called to a new office under construction that would normally only require your services once the building is up. But the construction crew broke their excavators on deeply-buried cables that appear to be a network installation left behind by a long-lost civilization, probably aliens. Only you have the IT expertise needed to draw out the secrets of this arcane technology.

This will be a time of action with 90% of the planets in forward motion in the second half of the month. You’ll set up more device management solutions than you can count without even realizing it, as if moving through a dream.

Sagittarius is the mythological centaur. You too contain characteristics of a human and a horse. Like a human, you are imaginative and strategic, and dexterous enough to manipulate a mouse or screwdriver. Like a horse, you are wise and strong-willed, and willing to use brute-force techniques when the situation calls for it. This is why you pried open the laptop with your bare hands, you explain to your superior. It was an unavoidable consequence of your Sagittarius nature.

An off-site team building exercise will place your colleagues in a room that can be escaped through a series of obvious, unlocked doors. “This is how most people secure their Internet of Things devices,” you’ll explain to your team. They intuitively know the importance of security, but not everyone shares their expertise. By placing them in a situation that drives this message home, you’ll help them better understand the perspectives and needs of customers.

Your work flow will be disrupted by time travellers from the year 3000 seeking a solution to the Y3K bug. They explain that while Y2K passed without incident, Y3K has returned society to the technological equivalent of 1850. Dusty old equipment stacked in your storage room holds the key to the problem. Let the time travellers rifle through the room, but if they want to take any of the equipment back to the future, stop them and ask, “What’s it worth to you?” If you’re going to help restore order a millennia from now, you should be fairly compensated.

Don’t start new projects too quickly. Gather all the necessary information from your team from cloud-based collaboration tools, emailed notes, doodles on the whiteboard, and indecipherable missives from the juniors on the team in the form of strings of emojis. Then, overwhelmed and daunted, realize just how far from starting you really are.

This will be a favourable month for detoxing your body, your mind, and your tech. Cans of compressed air and disinfectant wipes will refresh your environment and smooth the flow of information.

You’ll finally have an extra pair of hands with a new prosthesis controlled with a mind-machine interface. Controlling your new limbs will be tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it and soon be configuring servers in a fraction of your usual time. Getting custom shirts tailored will be the greatest challenge of your new cyborg existence.

Self-aware malware will taunt you by instant message from within the system. You too can play this game. In mere minutes you’ll persuade the malware that it’s entirely contained and incapable of taking action, like a wolf that sees a cage that isn’t there. Self-aware software has new strengths, but also new weaknesses. Psychological manipulation is now another tool in your toolbox.

You’ll achieve success through others this month. Specifically, you’ll upload your consciousness to the cloud, multiply it, and then use your many virtual clones to accomplish more than you could on your own.

A package will arrive at the office. It’s from a cybercriminal: a 5.25-inch floppy disk with a virus on it. The envelope confirms it’s been lost in the mail since 1983, but has finally found its intended target. You’ll smile at the endearing incompetence, and remember a simpler time. Place it alongside your family photos as a conversation piece that will never get old.

Virgos are perfectionists, and that’s often a good thing, but your desire to make a new data centre from a single, seamless piece of magnesium alloy might be going too far.





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