Servers will arrive created with a new manufacturing process that makes each just several atoms wide. It will be both a stunning technological achievement and a procedural nightmare. Get ahead of the problem by investing in new reading glasses from the drug store.

Circumstances will challenge you to reconcile the duality of your personality. By night you are a person possessed, hunched over a keyboard in the dark riding waves of insight, inspiration and creativity. When the sun rises and pierces the blinds behind your desk, your limitations are revealed. Solutions elude you. There is never enough coffee. Your mortal body feels the impact of the all-nighter. You must bring these two personas into balance. Begin with a nap and a light salad.

You share this sign with pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing, who shortened World War II through excellence in nerding. The month of May will test you in ways big and small. Follow Turing’s example and take heart that quiet mental exertion and hard-won calculations can help achieve your organization’s goals.

To reach the server, you’ll need to traverse an impenetrable tangle of cables and wires. Thankfully, as the zodiac’s Lion, you’re the king of the jungle and will be equal to the task.

All your input devices will stop working at once – mouse, keyboard, everything –  leaving you in a staring contest with a screen whose contents you can no longer manipulate. You will, silently and without telling anyone, attempt to control the computer with your mind, just to see if it works. The results of this experiment will not surprise you.

Born under Libra, you’re not a one-dimensional person. Or two-dimensional, or even three-dimensional. As May unfolds you’ll discover that reality is a construct and in truth you are an eight-dimensional consciousness glimpsed but crudely in three-dimensional space. The implications of this for your Information Technology prowess cannot be expressed in written language, but know this: it will be awesome.

You’ll learn that requiring everyone to reset their passwords every 48 hours is, in retrospect, unhelpful. Refocus your worthy intentions and encourage greater password strength and complexity by sharing mnemonic devices with the team. Turn a negative into a positive and you will be rewarded.

Fellow Sagittarius Ada Lovelace was the only one who saw how Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine could be applied to problems other than raw number-crunching. Likewise, this month you’ll have a gobsmacking insight whose significance will escape those around you. Don’t give up, even when everyone puts their earphones back in and cranks up the volume to drown you out. Make yourself heard.

The good news: your red team-blue team exercises have worked splendidly. Having one group “attack” the system and another “defend” it has improved morale and the speed with which your team responds to crises. The bad news: shadowy forces in the office will introduce purple, yellow and green teams that will turn a game intended to sharpen IT skills into a complicated mess that grinds productivity to a halt. The key to your success will be realizing that the training games have prepared you for just this eventuality. It’s time to take care of business, as they say.

Lucky days for those born under Aquarius are Saturday and Sunday, which by cosmic chance also happen to be your traditional days of rest. But fortune is fickle and this month the weekend will be a time of emergencies, when email will stop syncing and back ups will fail.

Known for your intuition as a Pisces, you’ll be called upon to address a problem that you’ve encountered before. At the time you made detailed notes about the solution, but that information is gone, much like your vintage Commodore 64 that your son accidentally sold at a garage sale three summers ago, but who’s counting. Relax and trust that the solution is still within you.

Always enterprising, this month you’ll take it upon yourself to build a new power supply for a system that will draw energy from the sun. But you’ll be a victim of your own success. Your contraption will be efficient – too efficient – and suck the sun dry of its 4.6-billion-year-old light, somehow. Without the sun, Earth will die, to say nothing of your system. There are two lessons to take from this. One, communicate your plans to your team well in advance so they have an opportunity intervene. Two, don’t take things for granted, such as the sun.



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