You’ll be faced with many contradictions this month, such as hardware that arrives with power plugs that at first appear to be the European standard but soon reveal themselves to be incompatible with any electrical system on earth. Tracking down the source of the error and the origin of the weird plugs will consume you for days, nights and weekends. Spoiler alert: it’s a colleague’s elaborate practical joke. The friendship will never heal.

A change of procedure will challenge your tried-and-true workflow. Be open to the new way of doing things and, when the deployment proves to be successful, intimate that it was your idea all along.

You share this birth sign with Steve Wozniak, who encased 1976’s Apple-I in wood. Inspired by Woz’s commitment to renewable, biodegradable materials, you’ll build an entire system housed in pine. It will be a fire hazard, yes, but its beauty and craftsmanship will be remembered long after the building burns down.

You’re the only sign with a fixed relationship to earth. But do not consider this a limitation. Another Virgo, Dorothy Vaughan, calculated flight trajectories during the Space Race and was instrumental in putting the first astronauts into orbit. This month you too will reach for the stars.

Preparation will be key to your success this month. Map out an upcoming installation in exacting detail. Only then will the flaws in your plan reveal themselves.

Jupiter, the money planet, cautions restraint when making major purchasing decisions this month. Slow down, take a breath, and consider whether a quantum computer that blinks in and out of existence is really necessary to meet the organization’s goals.

With half the planets in retrograde, heavenly forces are irresistible. Your high midichlorian count makes you especially sensitive to these shifting tides. This will give you an advantage as you’ll be more attuned than your colleagues to the ebb and flow of fate, allowing you to back up systems before they crash and contain threats as they occur. Next, it’s back to normal, so enjoy it while it lasts.

This month you can accomplish your goals by visualizing them. For example, if you visualize a four-handed robot helper that can manipulate hardware with preternatural dexterity, one will appear and increase your team’s productivity 150 per cent. It’s just that easy. Visualization is an amazing tool that should not be abused once it has been mastered.

As communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius, all communication systems will work twice as fast for a few days. Keep an eye on things and make sure equipment is cooled properly. As Mercury exits, regularly scheduled communication failures and misunderstandings will resume.

Love planet Mercury is in retrograde until the 17th. Consequently, system components will like each other, but not like like each other, and you’ll be constantly ensuring physical and emotional connections between them are maintained.

The solar eclipse of early June will lure laptops outside to see the spectacle for themselves. Despite your repeated explanations about the dangers of viewing eclipses directly, many will look directly into the sun with their webcams and be blinded. Thankfully, the machines are modular and you can restore their vision with USB-connected cameras. But should you reward stupidity in this way? Only you know the answer.

Important projects will come to a standstill as half of the planets move backwards this month. The other planets are moving normally, so expect nonessential activities to continue apace. The important ones, however, will go nowhere. That’s just how retrograde motion works.


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