July will be a good time to advance your career with training courses, which will be aided by the presence of Mars in the 3rd House of Communication. A Next Level Wire and Cable Management module will bring harmony and balance to work spaces, the home, and anywhere else you trip over wires and curse the planets.

It will be important to shrug off the weight of professional goals and attune yourself to the present moment. Listen to the hum of the machines without judgment. Breathe in. Passively regard motes of dust alighting on your desk, your mug, your bicycle helmet. Exhale. Turn your attention to the sensation of the air conditioning blowing into your cubicle. The dryness. The cold that isn’t cold. As the voices of your colleagues and your own thoughts intrude, simply note them and dismiss them, and return to your breath.  

This will be a time to give back to the community. Move forward with an initiative to provide a school in an underprivileged area with equipment, content in the knowledge that you are not only giving the students the tools they need to learn, but also planting the seeds that will allow them to usurp you when they enter the workforce.

For Libra, the power of the planets is perfectly distributed between all parts of the horoscope, like a pizza whose slices all have the exact same proportion of toppings. Share this knowledge with your colleagues by way of an impromptu pizza party that features irregular and chaotic pizza, like their horoscopes, and not balanced and harmonious pizza, like yours.

Guard against requests to invest in friends’ personal projects, such as a machine that transforms sunlight into petroleum, cans of compressed air scented with essential oils to calm the nervous systems of data centres while clearing away dust, or an unsettling attempt to resurrect the extinct Dodo with mail-ordered DNA and a bathtub bubbling with primordial soup in an unfinished basement.

Conducting all of the firm’s business in bitcoin and supporting its growth with investments in cryptocurrencies will be an educational experience that will leave you bitpenniless and destitute. It was worth a shot.

This month will be tumultuous on all fronts. The storm will pass, but until then ensconce yourself in the closet with the decommissioned punch card computer and meditate on a simpler time when IT was tactile, contained, and grounded. Take a moment to recognize these qualities in yourself.

External conditions will limit your progress, such as a torrential downpour that will fully flood the server room, with attendant complications. You will tempted to say to your superiors, “Well, you told us to implement water cooling,” but don’t. Just don’t.

Overseas travel will take you to a conference where the WiFi will exist, conceptually, but not actually work. Hundreds of IT professionals will troubleshoot the problem in tandem and, as frustration grows, turn against each other. As the façade of civilization crumbles, retrieve as many butter tarts as you can carry and slip out the back until order is restored.

This month the 4th House of Family is dominant. It’s a time to pull back the throttle, focus on your loved ones, and cherish past successes, such as installations that you completed on time, equipment purchases that proved to be fortuitous, and critical errors you discovered and corrected before anyone noticed.

During a system hack, the best action will be inaction. Bend as a reed in the wind and let fate unfold as it will.

With Career Planet Saturn in retrograde, it’s wise to draft plans to be executed at a later date. For example, instead of bringing the data centre online next month, plan for the task to be completed by a blood relation in one thousand years at the dawn of a new age. The gold-anodized aluminium plaques aboard the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes provide some useful guidance about how instructions to your descendant can be reliably conveyed across the millennia without data loss.


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