Yours is a cardinal sign associated with the start of the spring season and new beginnings. But just as each spring reminds you of springs past, the new technical problems you face look a lot like old ones. Be mindful that this doesn’t mean the old solutions will work, too. The new problems have their own quirks, and the knowledge you have gained in a long life is meaningless.

A VR helmet will enable a thrilling new workflow, but as you navigate the office your inability to see meatspace will lead to stubbed toes, broken mugs and hurt feelings. When your colleagues tie a bell to you so they can hear you coming, accept it with grace and humility.

Peers will be impressed by your machine learning project, which will train a program to not just parse human speech, but also detect sarcasm with startling accuracy. Good for you. A sarcasm detector won’t create any workplace conflict at all, genius.

You share this birth sign with engineer and inventor Elon Musk, and like Elon, you don’t know when to stop, whether it’s putting things into space, imprisoning the light of the sun itself inside roof tiles, or in your case, debugging until your colleagues start calling you “The Exterminator.” Your tenacity is boundless and will reap many rewards.

A laptop near the end of its lifecycle will crawl through every task. You’ll remember the time, long ago, when you said the amount of RAM it had was “overkill” and “a waste.” You were so sure about it, too. You were sure about a lot of things.

This month you’ll hunt WiFi dead spots in a new installation.  As you fill in the gaps, others will appear, until inexplicably there will be no WiFi coverage at all. You’ll grudgingly accept that you need to go back to leaving out cookies at night for the office ghosts so they don’t interfere with the signal. You don’t know why this works, and you don’t want to know.

Your ingenuity will make solving a difficult software problem easy. But a colleague will attempt to take the credit for your good work. Do not fret: the stars have a plan for this person. Soon they’ll learn that it’s impossible to outrun planetary movements.

The Full Moon will enter Scorpio at the end of the month. This is a time for change. Meditate on the impermanence of all things, including solutions you implemented long ago that no longer apply and must be revisited. The wheel of time turns and you must turn with it. It has been ever thus.

You will be called upon to make two seemingly incapable parts work together. Fear not: born under the sign of the half-human, half-horse centaur, making chimera fuse together and come to life is your area of expertise.

Your astrological symbol is the Goat. You’re practical, self-disciplined, and hungry, always hungry, reaching from your office chair and grabbing anything that looks like it might be edible. Your desk mates would complain, but they lack the carbohydrates to muster the energy, because you took them. This month you’re full of energy and ready to take on any challenge. You feel like you could climb a mountain.

You are the water-bearer, Aquarius, cooling computers with an intricate system of reservoirs and pumps that you alone understand. This month you’ll discover that the system’s success depends on you sharing your knowledge as widely as possible, like an ocean current whose tendrils reach into all seven seas.

It has been known for millennia that those born under Pisces are gullible and impressionable. Self-knowledge will be your greatest weapon during this cycle. Assume that everyone is trying to manipulate you and deny their requests politely but firmly. Oversee a server installation? No. Build a data centre? No. Migrate company data to the cloud? No.




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